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Program for Concert #3 – Friday, July 14, 2017

Heartland Marimba Festival Academy – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point – Michelsen Hall, noel fines arts center

• The Artists •

Gordon Stout (b. 1952) is currently Professor of Percussion at the School of Music, Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y., where he has taught percussion since 1980. A composer as well as percussionist who specializes on marimba, he has studied composition with Joseph Schwantner, Samuel Adler and Warren Benson, and percussion with James Salmon and John Beck.

Many of his compositions for marimba are published, and have already become standard repertoire for marimbists world-wide (www.mostlymarimba.com). A frequent lecture-recitalist for the Percussive Arts Society, he has appeared at twelve International PAS Conventions to date as featured marimbist, as well as throughout the United States and Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hungary, Mexico, Denmark, Puerto Rico, and Spain.. In May of 1983 he performed clinics and recitals in France, Germany, Holland and Belgium with "transcendental virtuosity" being described as "the Rubinstein of all aspects of the marimba".

Gordon has been on the Jury of six different international marimba competitions. On new years day in 2006 he conducted a 100 person marimba orchestra in the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan as part of the Taiwan International Percussion Convention. His composition "New York Triptych" for marimba orchestra, was commissioned by and written for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Percussive Arts Society, premiered at PASIC 2011 in Indianapolis, IN.  He has also conducted marimba orchestras in Australia and throughout the United States. Most recently he conducted a marimba orchestra of 75 persons on 120 marimbas at Kutztown University in PA in November of 2015.

Gordon was inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame in November of 2012. Gordon Stout is represented by the Percussion Events Registry Company, and owns and plays a marimba manufactured by DeMorrow Instruments (www.demorrowinstruments.com). He is the creator of Young Composers International (YCI - temporarily discontinued here - as of May 2017 - but soon to be migrated to www.youngcomposersinternational.com), a service dedicated to disseminating new and interesting works for marimba and percussion written by young composers from around the world.


Matthew Coley (See program for HMAcademy Concert #1.)


Abby Fisher (See program for HMAcademy Concert #1.)


Michael J. Jones (See program for HMAcademy Concert #1.)


Joe Millea (See program for HMAcademy Concert #1.)


Dr. Andrew Veit is a freelancing musician, educator, and composer from the Chicago area where he runs a private music studio. His original compositions and publications are published by Heartland Marimba Festival Publications. He is also a member of the Madison based percussion quartet, Clocks in Motion, and is sponsored by Innovation Percussion, Marimba One, and Beetle Percussion.


Will Kemperman (See program for HMAcademy Concert #2.)


Brian Baldauff (See program for HMAcademy Concert #2.)


Percussionist, composer, and conductor, Sean Kleve is the music director of Madison, Wisconsin’s premiere experimental percussion ensemble, Clocks in Motion. The group is dedicated to performing new and classic works for percussion instruments while supporting the education and future of new music. In addition to performing, Sean is an experienced and passionate educator, currently teaching at Silver Lake College as well as beginning percussion and piano lessons in the after-school music program Music con Brio. Sean holds degrees from Baldwin-Wallace University, the Manhattan School of Music, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

• The Music •

Chromatic Grand Galop (1838) – Franz Liszt (1811-1886)/arr. Matthew Coley (b.1979)

            Matthew Coley, conductor.

Hampton Douglas, Jaime Esposito, Alonso Figueroa, Scott Eiklenborg, Aaron Montreal, David Pickar, Adam Trupp, and Eric Whitmer; marimbas.


España (1883) – Emmanual Chabrier (1841-1894)/arr. Jeffrey Barudin (b. 1979)

Scott Eiklenborg, Jaime Espositio, Alonso Figueroa, and Anthony Gilleland; marimbas.


Atomic Atomic (2017) – Andrew Rindfelisch (b. 1963)

Jaime Espositio, Johnathan Erickson, Curtis Hanson, and Anthony Gilleland; marimbas.


Concerto in C; I. Allegro molto (1765) – Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)/arr. Matthew Coley

            Matthew Coley, solo marimba.

            Gordon Stout, conductor.

Hampton Douglas (xylophone), Johnathan Erickson (marimba), Curtis Hanson (vibraphone), Sean Kleve (timpani), Aaron Montreal (glockenspiel), David Pickar (chimes), Adam Trupp (bass marimba), and Eric Whitmer (vibraphone).

Performed by the Academy participant chamber ensembles.


New York Triptych (2011) – Gordon Stout (b. 1952)

This piece was commissioned and composed for the Percussive Arts Society and its 50th anniversary celebration in 2011. The original composition for marimba orchestra was premiered in Indianapolis, by 50 great marimbists and friends of Gordon Stout. The quartet version requires four 5.0 octave marimbas. Instead of having marimba 1 and 2 each divided into three parts at times, in the Quartet version marimba 1 and 2 play all of the notes in those sections. There is no difference in the marimba 3 and 4 parts.


Tanc Szervusz (2015) – Alex Orfaly (b. 1974)

This piece takes its inspiration from several places. One is the Gypsy music of countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Armenia. This piece is specifically more Hungarian because it uses the Hungarian scale, which is very clearly played out. This “Gypsy” music often features two solo instruments playing in 3rds, either violins or clarinets for example.  Here, these instruments have been replaced by the xylophone.  The other major inspiration for this piece comes from the legendary film composer Bernard Hermann and his overture to “North by Northwest.” Finally, towards the end of the work, more and more glissandi are heard. This intends to replicate the cimbalom, which is often heard in Gypsy music. Tanc Szervusz was premiered and recorded by the Iowa State University Percussion Ensemble and Matthew Coley in 2015. 

About the composer: Alex Orfaly is a freelance percussionist and composer in the Boston area. He has performed with orchestras worldwide, including the Cleveland Orchestra, the L.A. Philharmonic, Palau de Les Arts in Spain, and currently serves as timpanist for the Sun Valley Summer Symphony in Idaho. He has a growing body of percussion pieces to his credit, including his Concerto for Brass and Percussion, premiered in 2004 by the New World Symphony. His first Divertissement, written in 2001 for solo timpani and percussion ensemble won Second Prize in the Percussive Arts Society composition competition, his Rhapsody No. 2 for solo timpani won First Prize in 2006 and his Improvvisatto Contrasto for timpani solo won first prize in 2010. His highly entertaining Mean Mans March, based on the human and canine social complexities of the dog park, was premiered in 2011 by the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, who also premiered his latest work, Cowboy Bill for orchestra with narrator in August 2012.

Performed by the Heartland Marimba Quartet (Matthew Coley, Abby Fisher, Michael j. Jones, Joe Millea & Andrew Veit). Assisted by Will Kemperman.


Anthem: To Catch A Glimpse (2015/16) – Gordon Stout (b.1952)


Afternoon Footprints (2015) – Gordon Stout


One Last Breath (2017) – Gordon Stout

Performed by Gordon Stout, solo marimba.


Dream-Awakening and Dance (2015) – Gordon Stout

            Gordon Stout and Matthew Coley, solo marimbas.

            Joe Millea, conductor.


Mars from The Planets (1916) – Gustav Holst (1874-1934)/arr. Andrew Veit (b. 1987)

            Matthew Coley, conductor.

Performed by the Heartland Marimba Festival Orchestra!

Brian Baldauff, Matthew Coley, Hampton Douglas, Jaime Espositio, Johnathan Erickson, Alonso Figueroa, Abby Fisher, Scott Eiklenborg, Anthony Gilleland, Curtis Hanson, Michael J. Jones, Will Kemperman, Sean Kleve, Joe Millea, Aaron Montreal, David Pickar, Gordon Stout, Adam Trupp, & Eric Whitmer.