Heartland Marimba

Celebrating classical marimba year-round with communities, artists, and students!

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vision by Heartland Marimba Quartet (2019)

Featuring 12 diverse tracks from HMQ. This CD marks an important point for Heartland Marimba and the percussion world.

Robot Puppets by Joe Millea (2018)

Robot Puppets was inspired by the technology or “Robots,” that drives our society on a day-to-day basis. This album embraces the prevalence of electronics and modern audio editing that shapes the sound and music we listen to every day.

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Heartland Marimba Dances by Matthew Coley & Heartland Marimba (2016)

Featuring the students of the first three HMFestivals (2014-2016).

Between the Lines by Neil Thornock & Matthew Coley (2015)

Featuring the incomparable and extremely creative and inspired music of Neil Thornock as performed by Matthew Coley on marimba, vibraphone, dulcimer, chimes, and xylophone. This album ends with the massive and otherworldly work Lurgy for carillon soloist and percussion ensemble!

Souvenirs by Matthew Coley (2012)


Circularity by Matthew Coley (2010)


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