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Jared Steven Coffin

HMP Compositions

  • IDLE HANDS – A marimba quartet commissioned by the HMQuartet Education Project 2017-18.


Jared Steven Coffin is a composer of concert music whose work is fixated on community and the people who perform and patron music. He explores links between culture, history, and music that are woven into the human experience – creating compositions that are constantly changing, evolving and reforming to shape new idioms across genre divisions. Jared’s music has been played by community ensembles, university players, students, professional performers, and dedicated amateurs.

In addition to composing, he teaches private instrument lessons and classroom composition workshops in the St. Paul, MN and Hudson, WI communities.

Jared holds a MA in music education from Boston University and a BA in music from North Central University. He has studied with Edie Hill and Kevin Mills, in addition to, private studies with Marilyn Shrude, Ken Ueno, Zae Munn, and Joshua Marquez.